At Sport Projects we continue to build our repertoire of cycling events with a season that now features every major cycling discipline. From mountain biking through to road and track cycling we have a ‘triple treat’ of cycling this summer.

We have recently been reappointed as event management supplier for the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race for the next three years. Taking pride of place in the Sport Projects calendar, this ‘festival of cycling’ contains a UCI World Tour status men’s and women’s elite race, Towards Zero Race Torquay (formerly TZ Race Melbourne), the Swisse People’s Ride and the Family Ride. The scale of the event is unlike anything else on our calendar and it’s a challenge making sure all those moving parts work together smoothly. But at Sport Projects we are all about taking on challenges with a smile and that’s why the delivery of the 2018 and 2019 events was such a success. And it’s why we can’t wait to continue be part of innovating and improving this event over the next three years.

But it’s not just road cycling on the calendar this season. We are already the organiser of the Australian leg of the ‘Six Day Cycling’ series, an event that combines elite track cycling with a party atmosphere. And now we are venturing even deeper into the world of track cycling with Cycling Australia appointing us as organiser of the Brisbane round of the 2019-2020 Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup. This is sure to be an exciting event as the world’s best track cyclists battle for gold and valuable qualifying points ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

And finally our foray into mountain and gravel biking and independently running our own event. While Sport Projects is a company founded on delivering high quality projects for a range of clients, we thought it was time we spread our sporting wings a little and take on an event ourselves, in all its glory. And when, ‘Race the Train’ needed a new organiser the timing could not have been more perfect. Founded and operated by the amazing Paula Ewing of Cranked Up Events in 2015, this event pits mountain bikers against the might of a historic steam train on the Goldfields Railway. Over the past four years it’s built up a significant cult following, with hundreds of riders taking part. In 2018 Paula stepped down as organiser and Sport Projects became the new owner and operator of a shiny new train race.

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